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Writing Examples

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Parry and I jump from the amphibious helicopter into thigh-deep water, hot from the midday Florida sun. With blades still whirring above us, Parry hands me a wooden stick about four feet long and with a straight face delivers these simple instructions, “If a gator were to charge us, just bonk it on the nose.”

“Okay,” I respond in a much too casual manner....... Read More

As Deborah Keller of The Nature Conservancy pulls her kayak from the river, helping hands guide it toward higher ground. “It’s great seeing people of all ages, from all over, here, sharing the belief that theses lands can be connected.”

She acknowledges it’s still early in the journey, but her confidence is clear, “We’ve done a lot in Florida, but we haven’t fixed it. … but it is still possible and we can do it!”  ....Read More

100 yards off the mangrove shore of Sandfly Key near Boca Grande, Aaron Welch III and Zach Hunter step off the back of the boat Miss T.J. Shelley and disappear into the murky waters of Gasparilla Sound. The water is so cloudy that Zach doesn’t even notice the young manatee a few feet from him investigating the bubbles rising from his scuba gear....Read More

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